Qualities of a Trustworthy Packaging Company

Qualities of a Trustworthy Packaging Company

Outsourcing some aspects of your business might be a challenge considering that you are asking a stranger to do the job for you. However, there are instances when it is more practical for you to outsource certain services.

Packing is one of them. In as much as you want to do it yourself or with the limited staff that you have, it is not practical. There are instances when you have lots of orders. If you do the job yourself, it might not get done in time. This could negatively affect your reputation.

If this is a service that you really need, you should find a packing company you can trust. There are several packing companies out there. Their task is to pack the items ordered and even deliver them to the recipients as fast as possible. Here are some qualities you should look into so you won’t have a problem outsourcing this service.

  1. Ability to customise

You don’t want to just pack the items for delivery like any other item. You also want the clients to feel like they have paid the right amount for their order. You know how it feels to receive a package. Therefore, you want them to also feel excited by simply looking at it. The package must be presentable. The size should be appropriate to the item ordered. If you can place your company logo on the cover, it would be better. Being able to customise these details could help improve your brand. Your chosen packing company should make it happen.

  1. Stability of the packaging equipment

You want the items to be delivered not only on time but intact as well. The packing company you choose should handle all items with care, regardless of the size and value. Otherwise, you will end up replacing all broken items. You can include fines or penalties for broken items in your contract with the packing company, but your client will view your company negatively and not the packing company. Therefore, you have to be particular with the equipment used for packing and how stable it is.

  1. Quick service

The quality of the product is important in any small business, but time is also of the essence. People prefer receiving their orders on time or earlier than expected. This depends on the packaging company you have chosen. You need to prove that they can guarantee swift action. You don’t want your clients to wait for a really long time and end up complaining about the service received.

There is nothing wrong in outsourcing to a packaging company and delivery service since it is a practical choice as long as you choose the right partner for the job.

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How to Properly Investigate a Hostile Environment Complaint in the Workplace

How to Properly Investigate a Hostile Environment Complaint in the Workplace

When a complaint is made in the workplace suggesting that there is a hostile environment, HR is called in to investigate – and whilst it’s one of the most unpleasant tasks of an HR officer, it’s a crucial one, one that needs to be handled swiftly and with great care, sensitivity, and deliberation. It requires great people skills and attention to detail.

One of the reasons that make such investigations so difficult is that it’s hard to define what a hostile environment is – and what activities or actions create it. These actions may be discriminating, abusive, intimidating or otherwise wrong, but often of questionable legality. Here’s how to properly investigate a hostile environment complaint in the workplace.

The thin line

There’s a thin line between situations in which the environment is hostile, and situations in which the environment is just annoying and difficult. In most cases, a situation becomes annoying and difficult because of personality differences, rudeness, or petty arguments. For there to be a hostile environment, such behaviour must be consistent, pervasive, disruptive to the victim’s work, and something that has been brought to the employer’s attention before. One incident does not create a hostile environment. Neither do several incidents. The incidents must be attributed to some form of discrimination against a person or group of persons, be it due to race, religion, disability, age, sexual orientation, and so on.

Making a plan

Depending on the circumstances, different measures should be taken in order to conduct an investigation. Special care should be taken when supervisors are involved, as they act on behalf of the employer and can thereby bring serious trouble to the employer. The investigator should be impartial and have no involvement, and they need to make a plan. It’s important to do things right, to follow procedure, and to have a goal in mind.

The interview

Ask the right questions. Ask why the victim believes the environment is hostile. Tell him or her to be specific. How has it affected work? Is there evidence or documentation? Who was involved, and how often? Equally importantly, ask questions that allow you to conclude whether it’s against a certain person or against a certain group of people that are discriminated.

Recording the facts

Recording the facts often helps in clarifying things later on, and it helps to create the report. However, make sure you ask proper permission first. After recording the interview/s, make sure to have them properly transcribed by professional transcription services UK such as Alphabet Secretarial.

Complaints about a hostile environment are probably one of the trickiest to handle. Nevertheless, as much as possible, such issues should be nipped in the bud right away. When handling such situations, be tactful and respectful to all – people’s reputations as well as general staff morale could be greatly affected.

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