Best Practices for eCommerce Shopping Carts

If you’re looking for a way to boost the success of your online store, you can start by implementing some best practices right in your merchant shopping cart. By doing so, you may end up seeing better conversion rates, increased customer loyalty and bigger purchases. Remember that unless you’re selling products that are highly unique and nearly impossible to find anywhere else, you most likely have many competitors online and should do everything possible to ensure that you provide an optimal online shopping experience.

One of the best practices that experts often recommend is to enable guest checkout in your shopping cart ecommerce software. Many studies have shown that doing so can greatly improve conversion rates and reduce shopping cart abandonment. According to, it’s not too difficult to collect this data at the end of the transaction. Often, the customer already needs to fill out his name, address and credit card information. Guest checkout removes the perceived frustration of opening a new account, but smart eCommerce retailers are

Other best practices often talked about in the industry involve your shopping cart’s layout and functionality. Your cart ecommerce shopping software should be properly configured and tested so that it works flawlessly. If they constantly get error messages or can’t even get the checkout page to load, a lot of shoppers won’t bother contacting you to report the issue. Instead, they will simply look for the same product somewhere else. Your cart’s layout should be clean, simple and easy to understand, with the checkout buttons clearly visible. Shoppers who find a site confusing may choose to go somewhere else.

Author: Francis Rivera

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