Best Practices for Your eCommerce Shopping Cart

Did you know that roughly three out of four online shopping carts are abandoned at checkout? That means that most people who make the decision to buy a product or service change their mind. The items in the shopping cart are left there and never paid for. There is a reason for this and, more importantly, there is a solution.

Your shopping cart services and the way they are designed are likely your problem. Many people find the shopping cart experience to be clunky, inefficient and, in many cases, untrustworthy. The good news is that there are many ways to fix this problem.

You can streamline the user shopping cart experience by using the right software. Use shopping cart software with the fewest steps possible at checkout. This gives the customer less time to rethink their purchase. Make items in the cart and shipping options easy to view and update.

Although up-selling can be an extremely effective profit boosting strategy, you’ll typically want to avoid it in the shopping cart says SecureNetShop. Only up-sell a product or service in the shopping cart if it is clear that it will complement the one being purchased. Otherwise, it may be off putting.

Making your customer feel comfortable when giving you their information is essential when combating online shopping cart abandonment. Computer viruses and identity theft are a major concern for many shoppers. To put your customers mind’s at ease make sure any security features are clearly defined and easy to see.

Author: Francis Rivera

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