Email Archiving and the Law – Important Information to Be Aware of

If you use proper email archiving solutions, your business will be strengthened. Email continues to be the number one form of communication in businesses, and it therefore has to be stable and strong. That is exactly what archiving solutions can do for you.

Why You Need Email Archiving

You need strong archiving solutions in order to:

  • Be compliant with industry and government regulations.
  • Be compliant we eDiscovery requirements in case of legislation.
  • Optimize your email storage system
  • Make sure business continuity goals are met.
  • Monitor ingoing and outgoing email in line with your HR policies.

A Good Example of Archiving Solutions

It is a known fact that protection is a requirement, but there are hundreds of companies out there that say that they will offer you the best possible protection. This means you will have to do a little bit of research in terms of which one to go for. Generally speaking, while you can choose to have onsite hardware and software, it is better to opt for an SaaS (Software as a Solution) instead, as this means your information will be on the cloud and will not require any additional hardware or software.

Compliant, Efficient, and Safe

As soon as you install a proper email archiving solution, you will notice that your risk of cyber attacks is considerably reduced. Additionally, you will meet all necessary industry and federal regulations, protecting yourself from legal liabilities. In fact, a good solution will even protect you from message tampering and data corruption. They use various tools for this, but they all prove, in case it is needed, that you are completely compliant. Additionally, you should get good search capabilities included with your program, which means it is quicker and easier than ever to pull old messages back into view as and when you need them. The increased productivity that this feature alone brings to your business is worth the small expensive of the archiving solution.

Less Stress, More Capacity

When you install a proper email archiving solution, your entire business will become more efficient and more secure, while also increasing accountability. And you get all that without having to work on an in-house solution that you also have to keep up to date. All of those elements are the responsibility of the company that provides your email archiving, and you simply have to sit back and reap its benefits. Plus, by operating on the cloud, you could access all the necessary information even if your entire office building would go up in flames following an earthquake, for instance.

Customization and Intuition

Last but not least, you should be able to fully customize your system as it is intuitive to your needs. One customization option is to determine who gets access to which element of the system. More importantly, you can customize where the system stores what types of messages. This leaves all your old messages stored in an easy to understand way.

Author: Francis Rivera

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