Great Job Ideas For The Numerical Minded

I have always felt that a career choice should be made based on not only what you are good at but also what you are passionate about. I find it a little sad at times when I look around my friendship circle and see my pals unhappy in their employment because they are just not passionate enough about it. If you want to avoid the Monday morning dread and work in a profession where you can not only show off your qualities but also feel passionate about what you do then you need to find something that plays to all of your strengths.

With this in mind we are going to take a look at various career ideas for varying skillets and today we are going to focus on the number crunchers, those with a natural aptitude and love for all things numerical.

Stock Broker

Being a stock broker is a fast-paced profession which will see you investing client’s money into the buying and selling of stocks based on your recommendations. In order to become successful like JP Morgan’s Michael Briese, you need to be able to absorb huge amounts of numerical data and analyze it to produce predictions about which way stocks will move. You will also need to have a firm understanding of the financial markets and be able to market yourself in order to attract clients. This is a personally and financially rewarding position which is great for those who love numbers.

Tax Accountant

Businesses rely on tax accountants to maintain their company’s legality and to comply with the laws of taxation. Your role will be to ensure that businesses are within the law and also that they are not paying too little nor too much tax. In order to practice as a tax accountant you will first need to pass three stages of tax exams, once these are complete you will need to stay abreast of new taxation laws and become an expert in your field to offer the best advice to the company which you are working for.


If you love numbers but don’t fancy heading into the financial field then you can use your natural abilities and pass them on to others by way of teaching. Math is often seen as something of a boring subject by students and you can help to end this reputation and turn math into something that is fun to learn. With a bachelors degree and a year of teacher study, you could be sat in front of your very own class making learning about numbers fun. You will need to ensure that you make the subject relatable to the kids and that you have the confidence, humility, caring nature and desire to help shape the minds of the future. Teaching may not be the most financially rewarding job in the World but as far as being rewarded personally goes, it does not get much better.

Author: Francis Rivera

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