How to Cut Costs on Your Los Angeles Frozen Yogurt Stand

Reducing your expenses can help you maximize your profits. Cutting costs on your Los Angeles frozen yogurt stand could be as easy as shopping local Los Angeles frozen yogurt suppliers. This brief guide will look at some strategies real ice cream stores use to try and cut costs and make business more affordable.

According to Gelato Products, saving on supplies is one of the best methods to cut costs and one of the most difficult to achieve. Think about it, if it’s your first year managing a froyo stand, how do you know how to stock your supplies? Choosing the right supplier and placing bulk orders can cost less than sticking with an international supplier and only buying small amounts of merchandise at a time.

Your frozen yogurt spoons could cost less from a local supplier than a supplier that has to ship spoons to you over a longer distance. Because long distance suppliers must build shipping costs into their prices, their prices often run higher than local suppliers. So shop frozen yogurt suppliers in your area to find the best deals and scoop up savings.

You need to keep your frozen yogurt cups well stocked anyway, so you might as well save by taking advantage of the lower prices that suppliers can offer you for buying in bulk. Look for larger packages of merchandise in which the price per cup is lower than the price of individual units. Consider keeping a six month supply of paper products on hand rather than a one month supply. Calculate the savings and you’ll find that storing some extra items until you need them is well worth it. Your frozen yogurt stand will also be prepared for a busy day or a busy season with plenty of paper goods on hand. Save money on bulk items and have the peace of mind of never running out of something you need.

Author: Francis Rivera

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