How to Test an eCommerce Shopping Cart and Improve Conversion

Any online store operator should test the functionality of their electronic commerce shopping cart on a regular basis. Doing so can not only allow them to spot technical problems that could interfere with the store’s operation, but also improve conversions. According to SecureNetShop, testing lets companies spot and fix problems that might contribute to shopping cart abandonment.

There are several types of tests that online shop owners can perform. Those who operate a simple eCommerce site that only has a handful of products can start with a manual test of their shopping cart solution. This involves visiting all of the product pages to check if they load properly and don’t contain errors that could affect the customer experience, such as missing or duplicate images or formatting mistakes in the product descriptions. The store operator should also test the cart’s functionality by adding and removing items, then proceeding to the checkout page.

More advanced and automated testing solutions exist for larger sites. These testing tools will verify the functioning of the entire shopping cart and display a report with possible problems. They also test server performance elements, such as page load times. The best shopping cart eCommerce testing tools have the ability to simulate how a page will display in various web browsers and on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. As consumers now use a variety of Internet-enabled devices to shop online, having an eCommerce site that displays and works perfectly across all platforms is very important. In fact, online shopping site operators who optimize their shopping cart for mobile users often report an increase in conversions as a result.


Author: Francis Rivera

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