How You Can Really Optimise Search Engine Optimisation for Your Business


SEO, or Search Engine Optimisation, has been utilised by many businesses for years, and no one can deny its effectiveness. Even with the advent of more streamlined and faster services such as Google AdWords, you still shouldn’t neglect your SEO efforts – SEO allows you to gain great results in the long term, and with the proper use of SEO, your website can really become the effective website you’ve always wanted it to be. Are you wondering how you can utilise SEO in order for it to work wonders for your business? Here’s how you can really optimise Search Engine Optimisation for your enterprise.

Pay attention to mobile searches

Nowadays, more and more Internet users are opting to browse the net using their mobile gadgets rather than their desktops. As a matter of fact, in October of 2016, it was found that mobile searches overtook desktop searches for the very first time. For you, this is the perfect opportunity to pay more attention to mobile searches. Also, in November of 2016, the number one search engine, Google, began using the first mobile index. This means that rather than crawling through a site’s desktop version, Google began using a site’s mobile version as its main index. If you want to maximise your SEO efforts, focus on mobile content and building a mobile site.

Make link building a priority

In order to optimise SEO and search engine marketing for your business, you should also make link building a priority. Many experts already know that links are the main driver of search engine rankings. According to Google, high-value links are one of the 3 top factors used for ranking. But whilst links will always play a crucial role in SEO, you should still make sure that your links are of high value – which means making sure that they impart good, quality content. When you focus on link building, it follows that you should also focus on competitive, relevant links which can give not only your ranking – but your image – a big boost.

A more robust focus on voice searches

Amongst the many trends on the Internet today, it seems that voice searches are well on the rise. In fact, the numbers prove it: voice searches have increased by as much as 35 times since the year 2008, and it has increased by about 7 times since the year 2010. The accuracy of speech recognition is bound to get better over time, and more people will be utilising voice searches before you know it. It’s time to optimise your content according to voice searches as well.

With the above-mentioned strategies, you can truly maximise the effectiveness of your SEO efforts. And when your rankings are given a boost, the rewards will surely follow.


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