Learning Writing With Easy Little Steps

Free author is the person who writes regardless of title, theme, framework, spacing, spelling and trappings rules in writing. Free author will write whatever is in his head to be handwriting. So a lot of Professional Resume Writing Service who begin learning to write in a way free.


To write freely, just write what’s in your brain and mind to form a writing. We can tell stories about ourselves, what happened yesterday, the story of our friend or whatever we like to write a story in diary book. This is normally done by “right-brain”, without rules, without a standard arrangement, which performed just write whatever he was thinking.

Here are some tips for those who love to write but always confused what to write, or have written but always fell through.

No need to be bound by rules of thumb when it first started writing. Write what is implied in the head, the case was later arrangement. Many professional writers who likes writing articles, essays, book or novel that puts the writing comes first in the mind rather than in the first chapter, but the umpteenth chapter. Compiling is a later work, which is important first wrote what is implied.


Write something that we have mastered. We like to tell stories, people who are not clever stories will be covered in telling lies, but different when he talked about things that never happened. Choose a topic that really to understand, even though it’s about how to take care of a cat.

The paper is a form of writing that story. So it just flowed with simple sentences and easily understood by the reader (if we want the paper we read others). No need to think too highly, if later writings we do not even understood by the reader. If necessary, give examples and drawings.

Use common language and writing, not because you want to look fashionable and different we instead put on language and writing weird like most teenagers writing ID or status on facebook. Remember that our reader is a compound derived from various circles.

Do not try to be perfect first. Just because we want to talk in detail to describe something where we write up to two (2) copies. Details of the story is to be seen is accurate, but do not need to be too long-winded and rambling that makes people who read become bored.

No need to force myself to finish writing overnight. Since we are not currently working on the exam should be completed a few hours. We will create a story in the form of writing a good, easy to understand and be liked. First writing it usually becomes the framework, we still need to organize and edit if no arrangement or wrong writing. If you feel “stag”, stopping only once for a break so that our brain refreshed.


Always take notes wherever we are. An idea could arise at anytime and anywhere, it could be material to enrich our writing. Do not rely on our brains famous easy to forget this. To learn noted that if there are interesting ideas that arise and we will put them together later when writing.

This time I did not write the writing stage, but only gave tips to get started and make a written especially for beginners. No need to describe ourselves as writers are already well known, because it makes us depressed and can not write our idea at all. Enjoy it as yourself and start writing. Skills and abilities will be honed, as time goes on we made the paper.

Author: Francis Rivera

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