Online Reviews – Key to Attracting New Customers

Today, people use the internet to find information about anything that takes their fancy. This is seen, as well, in the rise of online review websites. And, due to these websites, everybody now needs to engage in reputation management. When you consider that people actually use the information on these websites to decide whether or not to shop with a business, it becomes really clear just how important it is.

Consumers Listen to Each Other

There seems to be a situation of consumers versus businesses. Consumers want the best deal and service, and businesses want to make the most money. The result of this is that consumers trust each other. If one consumer says that a business is good, then others will believe them. But they equally believe them if they say that the business is bad. So, businesses now need reputation management companies in order to make sure that people actually see the good things.

Building Positive Reviews

So how do you build positive reviews?

  1. You make sure that you offer fantastic customer service. People want to see that you care about them.
  2. Ask people to write reviews about your service and their experiences. This is particularly important with returning customers, who must have something good to say, or they wouldn’t come back.

What you will find is that, if people start to leave reviews, others will be inspired to do the same. Because if one thing is clear in today’s online world, it is that people still want to be listened to.

Avoiding Bogs Reviews

Some businesses think that a great way to get lots of positive attention is to write their own reviews, using fake accounts. While this is a very bad practice, when you consider that you could lose 9% of your business after a single negative review, it is no surprise that businesses still do it. Similarly, your competition may pay others to leave bogus negative reviews about you. Doing either, however, will only damage your reputation in the long run, because you will get found out, and you will get named and shamed. Furthermore, it is about time that people and businesses alike started focusing on having ethical morals and values again, and that means no cheating.

Managing Your Reviews

Once you start to receive reviews, you have to actually listen to them. This is an opportunity for you to connect with your audience, and to build a relationship. And doing this publicly shows potential customers that you care about them. Thank people who take the time to leave a positive review, and professionally address those who leave a negative one to see how you can improve their experience. In fact, people can forgive you for receiving a complaint. They won’t, however, forgive you for ignoring them and pretending they don’t exist.

You must, at all times, know what is being said about you on the internet, and focus on using that to your advantage. That is what a professional reputation management company can do for you.

Author: Francis Rivera

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