Product Packaging: The First and Last Word in Marketing

When it comes to selling products off the store shelves or through online stores, what would you say would be the most important aspect? Perhaps the type of product that you’re selling? Maybe it’s how you market or try to spread the word through social media? Truth be told these are all excellent examples of how you can effectively sell a product, but there is one aspect that tends to be overlooked by many of the younger companies today – the packaging.

When you think about it, the product itself is no doubt more important than the packaging, because if it’s high enough quality then it will keep people coming back. While that is true, to an extent, if the packaging is subpar how are you going to convince customers to give your product a try to begin with? This is why packaging design companies are so prevalent in the world of marketing.

The first and most direct point of customer engagement

Catching the attention of prospective customers isn’t just trying to convince them through social media, or trying to win them through adverts. The most important part is when they are looking at the product itself and wondering if it truly is worth their money. It’s the most direct point of engagement, and this is normally when the customer makes their decision. The same thing goes when they visit your online store. When they’re looking at your product and the buy button is in plain sight, this is when the big decision is made.

Packaging can bridge the gap between the customer and your business

The reason why some of the most well-known brands today are so popular is that they used packaging to their advantage. Your packaging isn’t just something to cover your product and to spout out information; it’s also there to help customers better understand your company’s message. Proper packaging will help improve your relationship with your customers and will turn them into repeat buyers. Even better, they’re likely to be singing your praises through social media as well if your packaging is particularly clever and well thought out.

Clever packaging can do more than a true quality product

As strange as that is to admit, there’s more clever packaging can do to get your product sold than the actual quality of the product itself. While it would be ill-advised to concentrate on the packaging alone and neglect the product itself, remember that it’s all about getting your product sold.

To conclude, if your packaging does nothing to sell your product, then chances are it won’t be leaving the shelf. This means that even if you do have a wonderful product and you know that people will love it, it won’t even get a chance because the packaging isn’t doing enough to catch their attention!


Author: Zámor Szôllôssi

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