Things to Consider When Securing Your Business Property

Whenever your livelihood depends on the successful operation of a business, you want that business and the property associated with it to be protected at all times. In addition to the right operational controls to keep the business activities functioning as they should, you want controls in place to maintain security as well. This goes for those times when the business is open and operating as well as after-hours security. One of the most valuable assets you can have for property protection is a good alarm system. To make the best use of today’s technology, there are some things you might want to consider when deciding which system is best for you.

Constant Monitoring

Needless to say, a security system does little good unless it is monitored in such a way that help can be summoned whenever a problem is detected. If only the audible alarm sounds, there is no guarantee that someone is available to respond. In the case of an intruder, the alarm may or may not be enough to frighten the intruder away. If it doesn’t, the damage can be done with the intruder long gone before someone else detects the problem. In the event of a fire alarm, if it sounds at a time when no one is there to hear it, help could be delayed. Needless to say, in these times, it is vital to have monitoring by a company like Alarm Relay that can send the police or fire department whenever necessary.

Smart Phone Control

With nearly everyone carrying smart phones these days and using them to conduct business remotely, it only makes sense to have a security system that can be monitored or programmed from your smart phone. For example, if you close your business for the day and suddenly remember that the alarm system is not set, you don’t have to run back to the office to take care of it. You have the solution to the problem in the palm of your hand.

Camera Streaming

Whenever your system makes use of security cameras, you can have the ability to view the camera feeds from your computer or smart phone if you choose. This can be valuable in the event that you get some type of an alert that something is going on. You can tap into the cameras and see what is happening. In addition to seeing what the source of the problem is, you may also be able to tell if it is just a false alarm. For example, it could have been a neighbor’s dog that set off a motion detector.

These are just a few of the man features that are available to you with a system to help secure your business. When looking for such a system, don’t forget to ask about features that may not have been available with the previous version of your system.

Author: Francis Rivera

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