Top Career choices f You Want to Earn a Mint

When it comes to choosing a career, many of us would put money up there as one of the biggest requirements for our profession. There is nothing wrong with this level of ambition, artful who wouldn’t want to earn a fortune and live life without any financial woes or stresses? For many of us however, the land of riches is not somewhere that we believe that we can reach and instead many opt to take on jobs which are far less rewarding financially.

 The key to attaining a high paid job is hard work and ambition and if you are prepared to put the hours in then here are some of the highest paid jobs which you can gain.


 Surgeons can make an incredible amount of money and they are often on some of the highest salaries in the land thanks to their fantastic skill. You will have to work hard from school level upwards and achieve outstanding grades throughout your educational life, you will also need to study even harder at med school and then once you have your license you will need to perform outstanding results. Should you do this though, you will be rewarded with a great salary and become respected, whether you opt to be a neurosurgeon like Dr Joseph Yazdi or any other area of surgery, you will be paid handsomely for it.

 Chief Executive Officer

 If you ever flick through Forbes’ rich list, you will find that the large percentage of people who feature in the top 100 are CEOs of some of the World’s biggest companies. The CEO is the person who heads up the board of directors and in order to become one you will need to be extremely ambitious. Great grades are not a requirement but they will most certainly help you, what is required is hard work, belief, confidence, a great understanding of business, a sociable nature and of course, outstanding results throughout your business career. Should you be able to combine these skills and characteristics then you could very well be heading up a company and counting the money that comes with it.


 As with all of these professions, you will also have to work extremely hard to earn your right to practice law. Lawyers must have outstanding grades from school and college in order to enter in to law school and from here they must study long hours in order to pass the bar. Once you begin to practice law however you will find yourself working in a personally and financially rewarding position which one day could see you opening your very own practice, this is where the real money comes in. It will be difficult in your first few years and you will need to dedicate your days and nights to your success. If you can do this then you could be looking at a very lucrative career.

Author: Francis Rivera

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