What You Need to do to Become a CEO

There are some jobs in this world that you may look at and think “I could never do that,” but the truth of the matter is that somebody has to and there is no reason at all why you could not be that somebody. You should hold the belief that anything that you wish to do is possible and hold that belief until the day you die.

One such career that many will look at and feel as though it is out of reach to them is the job of CEO or Chief Executive Officer. CEOs like Mark Stiffler are among some of the smartest, most powerful and richest men and women in the country and there is absolutely no reason why you can’t work hard and achieve the position and here is how you can do it.

 Making the Grade

As with most high powered jobs, you will need to study hard in school and finish with great grades, following this it is recommended that you study for an MBA and ideally this will be at one of the top universities in the country. There are exceptions to the education rule and if you think that you have a multi-million dollar idea then run with it and work day and night to make it a success, this will fast track you to being CEO of your very own company.

 Belief and Deliver Results

From the moment that you start working in business you need to believe that you are indeed on your way to the top of the tree and let others know it too. Doing this will set the bar pretty high for yourself so you need to ensure that you back it up with consistently strong results, whatever task you are charged with.

 Show Leadership

Even if you are at the bottom of the business pile, you can still display strong leadership skills and be prepared to head up a team or take on responsibility to show that you have what it takes to lead. Business managers love people with leadership credentials and this could see you move up the corporate ladder at high speed.

Be Likable and Network

Despite their appearance, CEOs simply couldn’t get to where they are without being likable and a good people person. You need as many friends as you can get when you are climbing through the ranks and it will be important that you network well and create a strong list of contacts both above and below you.

Be Forthright

You won’t get anywhere without asking and whether you are pushing an idea which you have or asking for a promotion, it is important that you know the times when you need to be forthright with your superior. Many will respect this and if you push through an idea which becomes a success then you will soon be gaining respect from all corners of your business which will only help you to further your career ambitions.

Author: Francis Rivera

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